Optimized Intravenous Solution as Adjuvant Pharmacotherapy

We developed an electrolytic range for an enhanced resuscitation fluid that enhances cardiac dynamics during administration of compounds known to have deliterious cardiac side-effects. The electrolytic composition of these solutions fall within the normal physiologic range of human plasma, and are therefore biocompatible with humans according to our current understanding of resuscitation fluid science. There are two non-obvious inventions. First, the electrolyte range described here is based on mechanisms for improving a new and theoretical form of cell-to-cell communication called ephaptic coupling. Second, enhancing ephaptic coupling can improve the efficacy of pharmaceutical compounds by reducing the pro-arrhythmic effects of almost every drug. As background, an arrhythmia is abnormal electrical activity in the heart that leads to poor-pumping efficiency and can enhance the risk of death by stroke or complete failure of the heart to pump.

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