Versatile Photo-Active Cages for Drug Delivery

For photodynamic therapy (PDT) to play the primary clinical role in the treatment of HNCs, an ideal photo-triggered method that addresses the weaknesses of traditional PDT must be developed. The nanoMOF platform that we have invented here has the potential to fill this critical need. (1) The intended organic shell of our nanoMOF serves as a key component for cellular targeting.  (2) The nanoMOF linker allows for photo-triggered drug release at ~750nm enabling the tissue penetration depth required by solid tumors. (3) Lastly and possibly with the largest impact potential, our nanoMOF operates via an oxygen-independent pathway. The nanoMOFs decouple light absorption from the therapeutic agent and both can be optimized independently. Therefore, we present a first-of-its-kind technology that has the potential to revolutionize PDT.

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