LyraScore is designed to make traditional part distribution a thing of the past while enhancing the large ensemble rehearsal experience by creating a more "chamber music" rehearsal environment. The system allows for unique, licensed parts to be distributed electronically and annotated by all members of the ensemble eliminating the need for paper part distribution. Within a unit comprised of multiple ensembles, all members of every ensemble are able to access their unique parts with their unique annotations from a tablet or computer on- or off-site. All material is saved in a database which is then pushed to devices when a member logs in. All files are saved temporarily on the tablet or computer and erased once the member logs out of the system. In this way, ensemble members are not able to access licensed material in a permanent manner.


When parts or a score are uploaded to the system, rehearsal markings and measure numbers are tagged on each page. In rehearsal, this allows the conductor to quickly move from one section of a piece to another or even from one piece to the next. The conductor is also able to turn pages for each member of the ensemble allowing for quick changes between sections of a piece of music.


In rehearsal mode, LyraScore allows the conductor to share and annotate the score with all members of the ensemble in real-time, creating a rehearsal environment that is more collaborative and engaging (i.e. more like a chamber music rehearsal).  Ensemble members are also able to annotate their parts in real-time. These annotations are saved as a separate file unique to each member of the ensemble.


In practice mode, LyraScore allows the ensemble member to practice their part with the aid of an audio recording, metronome, and tuner. The ensemble member is also able to record their own practice session through the system and play it back for self-evaluation.

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