Semi-Autonomous Victim Extraction Robot (SAVER)

SAVER is a semi-autonomous mobile robotic platform intended to be utilized as a collaborative robotic rescuer in combat situations, disaster response, and other scenarios in which the environment endangers human rescue personnel or where the first responders are limited in number. Because sending human rescue personnel into such hostile environments could endanger the rescuers, SAVER can save the lives of those it rescues as well as protect the well-being of the first responders. The tele-operated robot is designed to be sent into these dangerous settings to maneuver an incapacitated person onboard and then evacuate them to safety. Through the incorporation of machine intelligence, the system has the capability to become increasingly autonomous while navigating and transporting the victim. Two manipulator arms give it the ability to manipulate the injured human as well as free a wounded person trapped under a beam or other rubble. Use of a hybrid vision system and intuitive operator control makes the control of the robot to be performed simply and easily. SAVER can keep trained personnel out of harm's way in hazardous environments and reduce the manpower required to transport patients, allowing for more efficient allocation of medical personnel through the use of collaborative robot-human search and rescue teams. SAVER is a novel and innovative platform intended to locate, manipulate, extricate, and then evacuate a wounded person in dangerous and unpredictable locales.

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