CURT: A Scheduling Algorithm for Unlicensed LTE/Wi-Fi Coexistence


This invention "CURT" is a novel radio resource management (RRM) solution to LTE-U networks. It includes a architecture design for RRM based on CSAT for a LTE-U network, and a real-time algorithm for radio resource scheduling.  CURT is a centralized algorithm that should be used at an LTE-U base station. It can address both uplink and downlink data traffic on multiple carriers from the 5 GHz unlicensed spectrum. The solution aims to minimize the impact from LTE-U to Wi-Fi while meeting uplink and downlink data rate requirements of LTE-U users. A key feature of our LTE-U RRM is that it is able to consistently achieve optimal or near-optimal performance in a real-time manner. For example, It can determine the resource scheduling of a LTE-U network (using 5 unlicensed carriers to serve 20 to 30 users) for a time duration of 30 ms with a computation time of about 1ms. Considering that the 30 ms should be shared between LTE-U and Wi-Fi, our algorithm can complete the computation for scheduling solution during Wi-Fi's air time, which should be much larger than 1 ms in general. Extensive experiment results verify that CURT works well with general-purpose GPUs that are available in current market.

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