Orally Active Tetracyclic Antimalarial Compound


While current malarial drugs are able to protect against some strains, new malarial drugs are urgently needed to combat drug-resistant malaria infection. Also, current malarial drugs cannot be administered orally, which reduces the potential for safe drug delivery.



Dr. Paul Carlier and his team have discovered a structurally novel compound that is potent in vitro against parasites that are resistant to three known antimalarial drugs. This compound also showed uniform high potency against 31 parasite isolates taken from infected individuals in Africa, indicating there is no resistance to this compound in the field. The compound is not toxic to a common helpful bacterium in the human gut, which suggests it will not cause gastrointestinal distress. It is also not toxic to normal human cells, suggesting a specific parasite-targeting mechanism of the compound. Finally, oral administration of the compound successfully protected mice from malaria infection, importantly demonstrating in vivo activity.

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