An Accelerated Commutation for Passive-Clamped Isolated Boost Converters

The invention is to use a special control method to accelerate transformer current transfer from one-side to the other side.  In a bi-directional dc/dc converter, one side of the transformer can be current-fed or primary side and the other side can be voltage fed or secondary side.  The primary side normally experiences a high voltage overshoot during the diagonal switch-pair turn-off condition. This voltage spike needs to be clamped to avoid the need of high switch voltage rating.  The invented control method can reduce the clamping energy, thus reducing the voltage spike.
Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Accelerated Commutation for Passive Clamp Isolated Boost Converters US Utility *United States 09/865,099 6,452,815 5/24/2001 9/17/2002 4/29/2021 Issued
Accelerated Commutation for Passive Clamp Isolated Boost Converters US Continuation *United States 10/118,659 6,876,556 4/8/2002 4/5/2005 4/29/2021 Issued
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