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High-energy Lithium Batteries
THE CHALLENGE Lithium ion batteries are utilized as power sources in a wide range of applications due to their high energy density capabilities. They are the ideal power source for today’s electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Much of the future of renewable energy will be shaped by the evolution of lithium ion batteries and the industry is...
Published: 11/1/2023   |   Inventor(s): Feng Lin, James Steiner
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Chemicals/Materials, Technology Classifications > Energy, Technology Classifications > Transportation, Technology Classifications > Environment/Green Tech
Data Driven, Smart, Non-Pneumatic Tires
THE CHALLENGE Non-pneumatic tires provide two main advantages over pneumatic tires, namely resistance to puncture and common road hazards which can result in tire blowouts. Currently, non-pneumatic tires are hampered by problems such as heat dissipation and ride discomfort, as the air in regular pneumatic tires dampens vibration. OUR SOLUTION Virginia...
Published: 11/1/2023   |   Inventor(s): Utkarsh Gupta, Rajvardhan Nalawade, Saied Taheri
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Consumer Products, Technology Classifications > Transportation
Novel Automotive Double Damper Suspension System
THE CHALLENGE The automotive suspension system plays a crucial role in maintaining the vehicle dynamics of the car for changes in road input and variations in the normal weight distribution. An effective suspension system ensures passenger ride comfort for unpredictable input variations and allows enough tire-road contact for proper road handling....
Published: 11/1/2023   |   Inventor(s): Gorantiwar Anish, Rajvardhan Nalawade, Arash Nouri, Saied Taheri
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Transportation
Smart Work Zone System
THE CHALLENGE Roadside work zones present imminent safety hazards for roadway workers as well as passing motorists. In 2016, 764 fatalities occurred in work zones in the United States due to motor vehicle traffic crashes, and in 2017, a work zone crash occurred once every 5.4 minutes in the U.S., adding up to almost 100,000 work zone crashes, a 7.8%...
Published: 11/1/2023   |   Inventor(s): Michael Mollenhauer, Jean Paul Talledo Vilela, Elizabeth White, Christopher Cox, Nazila Roofigari-Esfahan, Sidhant Singhal
Category(s): Technology Classifications, Technology Classifications > Transportation
A Low-Cost GPS Spoofing Detector and Spoofer Localizer
The Challenge Thirty-one satellites currently in orbit contribute to the Global Positioning System. These satellites are used to calculate the longitude, latitude, and altitude of users. However, the GPS system is vulnerable to spoofing attacks that can migrate the user from the actual signal to the spoofing signal. These attacks can disrupt operations...
Published: 10/19/2023   |   Inventor(s): Yaling Yang, Shinan Liu, Gang Wang
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Communication, Technology Classifications > Software, Technology Classifications > Consumer Products, Technology Classifications > Transportation, Technology Classifications > Security
Planar Bridging-Droplet Thermal Diodes
THE CHALLENGE Thermal diodes preferentially conduct heat in one direction but insulate in the reverse direction. They are of immense practical interest for smart thermal management of aircraft, electronics, and buildings. However, real-life implementation has been constrained by poor effectiveness (solid-state diodes), dependence on a gravitational...
Published: 10/6/2023   |   Inventor(s): Jonathan Boreyko, Mojtaba Edalatpour, Kevin Murphy, Ranit Mukherjee
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Engineering, Technology Classifications, Technology Classifications > Aerospace, Technology Classifications > Transportation, Technology Classifications > Electronics