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Smart Work Zone System
THE CHALLENGE Roadside work zones present imminent safety hazards for roadway workers as well as passing motorists. In 2016, 764 fatalities occurred in work zones in the United States due to motor vehicle traffic crashes, and in 2017, a work zone crash occurred once every 5.4 minutes in the U.S., adding up to almost 100,000 work zone crashes, a 7.8%...
Published: 9/8/2022   |   Inventor(s): Michael Mollenhauer, Jean Paul Talledo Vilela, Elizabeth White, Christopher Cox, Nazila Roofigari-Esfahan, Sidhant Singhal
Category(s): Devices
In-Fiber Optical Micro-Resonators
THE CHALLENGE The global fiber optic market is estimated to be six billion dollars, and will only grow as our dependence upon high speed internet increases. Right now, fiber optics also provide necessary sensory data for ultrasound detection, temperature measurement, telecommunications, measurement of bio-chemical species, and a variety of other applications....
Published: 10/11/2021   |   Inventor(s): Shuo Yang, Anbo Wang
Category(s): Electrical, Devices
Implant for Plantar Plate Repair
THE CHALLENGE The plantar plate is a deep fibrocartilaginous structure found in the foot whose primary role is to stabilize metatarsophalangeal joints and other structures; unfortunately, it can tear when inflamed or overworked as a result of running or other activities. Other than pain and discomfort, plantar plate tears can also cause the second...
Published: 8/18/2022   |   Inventor(s): Demitria Poulos, Logan Dickinson, Skye Carlson, Zachary Kozar, Jennifer Wayne, Vincent Wang, John Clements
Category(s): Biomedical, Devices, Medical
ColicAlert Equine Wearable Heart Rate Monitor
THE CHALLENGE The vitality of the equine industry is damaged by a persistent, prevalent, and difficult-to-predict metabolic disease called colic. Colic is estimated to result in $115 million in losses annually. A major challenge in treating colic is that horses often fail to show conclusive clinical symptoms until the condition has progressed to the...
Published: 7/29/2021   |   Inventor(s): Caroline Leeth, Robin White
Category(s): Animal/Veterinary, Devices
A Low-Cost GPS Spoofing Detector and Spoofer Localizer
The ChallengeThirty-one satellites currently in orbit contribute to the Global Positioning System. These satellites are used to calculate the longitude, latitude, and altitude of users. However, the GPS system is vulnerable to spoofing attacks that can migrate the user from the actual signal to the spoofing signal. These attacks can disrupt operations...
Published: 7/28/2021   |   Inventor(s): Yaling Yang, Shinan Liu, Gang Wang
Category(s): Communication, Computer Software, Consumer Products, Transportation, Security, Devices
Smart Exoskeleton Glove
THE CHALLENGE A number of ailments can adversely affect the mobility of the human hand including stroke, brachial plexus injury, arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome. In the United States, at least 1.1 million people report difficulty performing ordinary grasping operations; this heavily reduces their earning potential. In some cases, such as stroke,...
Published: 8/4/2021   |   Inventor(s): Raghuraj Chauhan, Oumar Barry
Category(s): Devices, Engineering
Robotic High Throughput Rheology Platform
THE CHALLENGE Current gel material characterization techniques are low throughput, present barriers to process integration, and are limited regarding the frequency range over which rheological properties can be characterized. As a result, they limit the pace of materials discovery, thus shifting the paradigm of material characterization towards the...
Published: 10/11/2021   |   Inventor(s): Blake Johnson, Alexander Haring, Manjot Singh, Junru Zhang
Category(s): Materials, Devices, Engineering
3D Printable Multifunctional Fibers
THE CHALLENGE 3D printing has enabled the customized production of many objects and devices, but that technology currently only creates passive units. THE SOLUTION Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a coaxial micro-extrusion technique that enables us to take advantage of triboelectric energy generation and custom build sensors to fit anywhere....
Published: 3/5/2021   |   Inventor(s): Blake Johnson, Yuxin Tong, John Robertson, Xiaoting Jia, Ziang Feng
Category(s): Engineering, Biotechnology, Materials, Biomedical, Devices, Diagnostic, Energy
A Portable Tuned Mass Damper with Simple Tuning/Design for the Reduction of Vibrations in Civil Engineering/Architectural Structures
A Mutiple Tuned Mass Damper (MTMS) device which is designed to be compact, have a small height, portable and easily tunable to several natural frequencies of a building floor.
Published: 4/11/2019   |   Inventor(s): Mehdi Setareh
Category(s): Engineering, Architecture, Devices
Structure Illuminated Color X-ray Phase Imaging for Breast Cancer Screening
One in every nine women is expected to develop breast cancer in her life. Current mainstream screening technology is the mammography. Mammography suffers from a range of problems including low signal level, poor contrast, and radiation dose. It leads to severe over-diagnostic problems. In contrast, our breast cancer screening system with color X-ray...
Published: 1/6/2023   |   Inventor(s): Guohua Cao
Category(s): Biomedical, Devices, Diagnostic
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