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Solid-infused Surfaces for Efficient Condensation
THE CHALLENGE Thermoelectric power plants are significant water consumers, with estimates of up to 49% of total U.S. water use being attributed to them. As water resources become more precious due to climate change and population growth, steam condensation in power generation must adapt and become more efficient. Efficiency improvements to power plant...
Published: 1/4/2024   |   Inventor(s): Ranga Pitchumani, Ryan Stoddard
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Chemicals/Materials, Technology Classifications > Energy
Self-Cleaning/Non-Wetting Coating for Corrosion Protection of Metallic Structures
This invention is a novel two-step electrodeposition technique to fabricate superhydrophobic metallic coatings. The method has been demonstrated with a superhydrophobic copper coating with multiscale surface features. A thermodynamic model has been developed which supports extending this invention to other metals.
Published: 10/27/2023   |   Inventor(s): Ranga Pitchumani, Atieh Haghdoost, Mehdi Kargar
Category(s): Technology Classifications, Technology Classifications > Additive Manufacturing, Technology Classifications > Architecture/Building, Technology Classifications > Engineering