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PRIME: A Personalized Recommendation for Information Visualization Methods via Extended matrix Completion
Information visualization is an important mode of human-computer interaction to acquire insights of complex datasets. However, a uniform visualization format may be inefficient to bring the insights to different users at different contexts due to the users' differences in knowledge, perception, and cognition capabilities. On the other hand, typical...
Published: 2/13/2018   |   Inventor(s): Ran Jin, Xiaoyu Chen, Nathan Lau
Category(s): Computer Software, Communication, Process/Procedures
Variation Analysis and Visualization of Manufacturing Processes via Augmented Reality
In manufacturing processes and systems, many production and quality control decisions cannot be made in a timely manner due to the time delay for data collection, pre-processing and analysis. In this invention, we propose an online variation analysis and visualization method via augmented reality (AR) to operators. A regularized functional logistic...
Published: 5/31/2017   |   Inventor(s): Ran Jin, Xiaoyu Chen
Category(s): Computer Hardware, Devices, Process/Procedures
Gas Separation Membranes Formed By Crosslinking Polyarylene Ethers
Polyarylene ether ketone (PAEK) polymers are known to be stable to hydrolysis and have desirable thermal properties; however, they are susceptible to plasticization by CO2 and hydrocarbons, leading to swelling and a decrease in performance for gas separation applications. The present invention utilizes crosslinking to improve the performance of polyarylene...
Published: 2/10/2014   |   Inventor(s): James Mcgrath, Ruilan Guo, Yu Chen, Benny Freeman
Category(s): Chemicals, Materials