Photon-Integrating/Counting Detector Combination


Spectral computed tomography (CT) systems are a critical diagnostic tool in medicine. CT machines use computerized x-ray imaging to produce cross-sectional images of the body.  Improvements in CT imaging technologies can lower radiation exposure and support life-saving interventions. Current spectral systems can be expensive to implement and may provide only nominal information about an object’s material composition and color.



Dr. Ge Wang developed a combination detector that uses both photon integration and photon counting techniques to optimize Spectral CT to minimize patient radiation exposure while creating optimized imagery. The concept uses photon-counting elements to count photons within a window and outside a dynamically-changing window defined by thresholds during a scanning process.

A broad U.S. Patent has issued on the technology as noted in the exemplary Claim 1 below:


Image showing a graph of photon counting process inside and outside dynamically-changing windows (110, 120, and 130).


“Counting photons in a window and out of a window generates projection data.  The window can be changed randomly during scanning, and different detectors may have different windows in different angles.  Each position of the window is an energy channel.  This results in the creation of a complex system matrix.  Utilizing the relationship among different energy channels, it is possible to reconstruct images in high quality.” – Dr. Ge Wang

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