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Fiber Array for Optical Imaging and Therapeutics
This technology is a biomedical device that allows increased light penetration in skin and can substantially improve a variety of light-based therapeutic and diagnostic procedures. The device has an array of optically transparent fibers (either nano- or microscale in diameter) which are guided into a patient's skin by the simultaneous application...
Published: 10/25/2023   |   Inventor(s): Christopher Rylander, Thomas Campbell, Ge Wang, Yong Xu, Mehmet Kosoglu
Keywords(s): Medical/Imaging
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Biomedical, Technology Classifications > Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Photon-Integrating/Counting Detector Combination
THE CHALLENGE Spectral computed tomography (CT) systems are a critical diagnostic tool in medicine. CT machines use computerized x-ray imaging to produce cross-sectional images of the body. Improvements in CT imaging technologies can lower radiation exposure and support life-saving interventions. Current spectral systems can be expensive to implement...
Published: 10/19/2023   |   Inventor(s): Ge Wang, Jiyang Chu, Wenxiang Cong
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Biomedical, Technology Classifications > Medical Devices