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Compatibilization of Polymer Blends
THE CHALLENGE Most polymer combinations do not mix well. They phase separate, creating large domains of homopolymers with weak interfaces between them. This problem can be solved through the use of compatibilizers - copolymers of the two homopolymers that can bridge the interfaces and enhance the strength of the blend. Few compatibilizers exist for...
Published: 1/31/2024   |   Inventor(s): John Matson, Kyle Arrington, Kevin Edgar, Junyi Chen
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Chemicals/Materials
New process for selective polysaccharide derivative oxidation
THE CHALLENGE Aqueous solubility and controllable release are essential for bioactive compounds. In the case of oral drug delivery, poor aqueous solubility of a drug can lead to low bioavailability. For poorly bioavailable drugs, higher doses are required to achieve a therapeutic concentration in systemic circulation. This can in turn have negative...
Published: 5/30/2024   |   Inventor(s): Kevin Edgar, Brittany Nichols, Ann Norris, Laura Mosquera-Giraldo, Lynne Taylor, Junyi Chen, Charles Frazier, Benjamin Adams
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Chemicals/Materials, Technology Classifications > Biotechnology, Technology Classifications, Technology Classifications > Biomedical, Technology Classifications > Pharmacology and Therapeutics