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High Temperature 3D Printing Via Inverted Heated Build Chamber
THE CHALLENGE Currently, 3D printing is limited to the applications of available materials, which are not able to withstand high temperatures. Therefore, there is a need for a high temperature build environment for 3D printing that allows for the use of high performance and application specific polymers. OUR SOLUTION Researchers at Virginia Tech...
Published: 10/2/2023   |   Inventor(s): Callie Zawaski, Christopher Williams
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Additive Manufacturing
Star, Branched, and Graft Polymers in Binders for Inkjet Additive Manufacturing for Personalized Dosage Tablets
THE CHALLENGE A major problem posed by the pharmaceutical industry is giving effective dosages while not giving excessive amounts of a particular drug. An estimated 80% of side effects in humans and animals are a direct result of inaccurate dosing because varying weights in patients. Additive manufacturing has emerged as a very promising method to...
Published: 10/2/2023   |   Inventor(s): Emily Wilts, Timothy Long, Christopher Williams, Da Ma
Category(s): Technology Classifications > Additive Manufacturing, Technology Classifications > Biomedical, Technology Classifications > Chemicals/Materials, Technology Classifications > Pharmacology and Therapeutics